XMPP News Bots

From Argentina to Germany; syndication chat bots for XMPP.

Slixfeed might not be useful to you as other news bots, as each project is formed namely by peculiar design and political principles.

You are encouraged to review the following projects and pick the one that fits best to you.


AtomToPubsub is a simple script that parses feeds and pushes the entries to a designated XMPP Pubsub Node.

Proceed to edhelas/atomtopubsub


A port of old Brutal's Feed Reader for Errbot.

Proceed to errbotters/err-rssreader


feed-to-muc is an XMPP bot which queries newsfeeds and posts the short summary to a XMPP MUC if there is a new article.

Proceed to mdosch/feed-to-muc

Jabber RSS Transport

Jabber RSS Transport offers a component interface which embodies feeds as contacts, which makes it highly efficient to any chat client.

Proceed to jabberworld/jrd_rss

JabRSS by Christof

A simple syndication headline notification service for Jabber/XMPP.

Proceed to dev.cmeerw.org

JabRSS by Jens W. Wulf

The code is based on jabrss@cmeerw.net. It was restructured and offers additional features.

Proceed to jotwewe.de


Morbo is a simple Slixmpp bot that will take new articles from listed syndication feeds and send them to assigned XMPP MUCs. This bot works best with TinyTinyRSS published articles feeds.

Proceed to TheCoffeMaker/Morbot